About Us

Velocity Physical Therapy

Being In Pain Stinks!

We know it’s frustrating and limiting, so we expertly evaluate and treat your condition and get you back to the life and activities you enjoy.

Our Vision

That you will find healing and happiness in a fun and uplifting environment. We will focus on restoring your body’s mobility by applying a customized, multi-dimensional care plan. We take pride in treating our patients with hands-on techniques (manual therapy) and the most current treatment procedures, specialized exercises, and stretches. We value the one-on-one time our therapists spend with patients and believe that during rehabilitation, patients should be educated and treated by an experienced therapist, who truly cares.
We have successfully treated a variety of patients ranging from young to mature as well as amateur and professional athletes. For a listing of our services and specialty programs please check out the services page.

Physical Therapy That Works…
From Experts Who Care

Our Mission

At Velocity Physical Therapy, we know that pain and disability affect everyday life. We believe individualized care focusing on our client’s goals will help them live healthier lives so they can get back to LIFE, WORK, and PLAY.

Our Core Values

Velocity Physical Therapy embraces the following core values and encourages these guiding principles among, employees and patients alike.

-Be Authentic

-Be Accountable

-Be Relational

-Be Patient-Centered

Our Philosophy

We believe that the human body is an amazing creation and is capable of incredible feats!

We also recognize, that due to the broken nature of this world, our bodies are often affected by trauma, injury, disease and dysfunction.

When physical pain, restricted motion, inflammation, muscle tightness or weakness are present, our ability to enjoy daily activities and work suffers. (That’s the sad news…)

Physical therapists believe the the body’s motion and function can be RESTORED through:

  1. Skillful evaluation of the dysfunction
  2. Diligent application of a customized treatment plan incorporating techniques that mobilize, stabilize, strengthen, and relax the affected areas of the body
  3. Educating the patient in proper home management of the condition

Physical therapy (or physiotherapy) usually incorporates manual therapy techniques, progressive therapeutic exercise, appropriate stretching, and a handful of other tools and skills that address the condition’s underlaying cause.

That means that physical therapists actually believe YOU CAN GET BETTER and that you don’t have to succumb to living life in pain and dysfunction. (That’s such happy news you guys!)

One important differentiation in the philosophy behind physical therapy treatment is to properly evaluate the source of patient symptoms. We believe addressing the cause of dysfunction is as equally important as providing symptom relief.  This approach ensures the body is properly healed, strengthened and protected against re-injury. That means, we really want THE CONDITION TO GO AWAY & NEVER RETURN.

We hope to provide you with such a great program, that you never deal with this condition again! Unlike, chiropractic care and other eastern based philosophies, WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A HUMAN BODY NEEDS TO BE PHYSICALLY MANIPULATED REGULARLY, OR POKED OFTEN to promote healthy bodily function.

Conversely, we believe that if a person lives an active lifestyle, exercises, uses proper posture and biomechanics, eats a balanced diet (dense in macro+micro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals), gets adequate quality sleep, and has a healthy relational support system, then that person is capable of achieving optimal wellness and bodily balance.

Physical therapy uses a direct treatment approach, based on human anatomy and physiology, the musculoskeletal + neurological systems, and human biomechanics.

Physical therapists, along with orthopedic physicians, are considered to be the most knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system form and function, while PTs are considered to be THE EXPERTS in human exercise and movement.

We look forward to applying our knowledge and expertise to help you realize your return to the life and work you enjoy. We really want you to Feel Good, Move Better, and Be The Very Best that you can be.

5 Ways To "B" Your Best

These 5 Ways To “Be”  are based on our core values.

  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Excellent
  • Be Positive
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Have Fun (It’s not a B… but we insist!)

Professional Staff


Velocity Physical Therapy employees only the best.  Our therapists and staff are dedicated to clinical excellence and showing compassion.

Our therapists specialize in manual therapy techniques and have additional training in special interventions, like dry needling. Read more about our clinical directors, and physical therapists on our staff page.

Clinic Locations


Velocity Physical Therapy has four convenient locations in Denton County.

Our flagship clinic can be found in Denton, Texas. We have locations in Cross Roads and Sanger. Our newest facility specializes in pelvic floor therapy and is being built in North Denton. However, we are seeing pelvic floor patients at a temporary clinic near the Denton clinic. We are excited to offer our specialized physical therapy services to the Denton community and surrounding areas: Argyle, Krum, Corinth, Sanger, Aubrey, Oak Point, Pilot Point, and Krugerville.

Superior Patient Satisfaction

Real Patient Testimonials

  • If you live in the vicinity of the Cross Roads area you are very fortunate to be getting a top notch Physical Therapist in Wes McFall. I went to Wes on the recommendation of my wife for two separate reasons. The first was to strengthen my core and back to help stop some reoccurring back problems and with Wes' guidance I did just that. He set me up with an exercise routine and I have not had a setback in years. The second was for a severe ankle sprain from soccer and I was told 6 months by the foot doctor...Wes had me back on the field in just over 3 months. Additionally Wes has an exceptional "table side" manner. Both myself and my wife will miss having him close by, but wish him the best of luck with the new venture.

    Simon Wardle
  • Doug and staff are both knowledgeable and friendly. They took time to review my file (cubital and conal stenosis, carpal tunnel, and rotator cuff) and then designed a program that brought significant relief and allowed me to continue training. Highest recommendation!
    Paul R. Dunklau
  • I had physical therapy after shoulder rotator cuff surgery. Doug was an incredible therapist. He encouraged me every day, even when I had pain, to keep up the work to get better. He was so right! Thanks so much!
    Kim Gray
  • Won't ever go anywhere else for PT! Professional and friendly.

    Jenny Williams
  • As a former Athlete and Olympian, I take recovery from any injury very seriously. I have worked with Wes in 3 different times (different injuries) over a period of 4 years and I can honestly say that I trust him every step of the way. He will know when to push your limits and when to hold you back to ensure a quickly but yet safe recovery. He will also train you to reduce the chances of getting hurt again...I recommended him to my wife and I will highly recommend him to anyone for any reason
    Raul Arismendi
  • Doug Soell at Velocity Physical Therapy saved me from getting surgery on my cervical spine. I'm 61 years young and I'm doing Jazzercise and yoga 4-5 times a week thanks to Velocity Physical Therapy!!!
    Linda Scofield
  • I tried several treatment methods for my chronic back pain before I met with Doug at Velocity, and they have each delivered mixed results. However, Doug diagnosed the cause of my discomfort immediately and gave me a fitness plan that yielded higher results than I could have possibly hoped for. He was extremely knowledgeable about the composition of the human body and can articulate that knowledge in plain language. The staff is friendly and professional and I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Don't wait for your pain to get worse; make an appointment with Velocity Physical Therapy today!
    John Niebuhr
  • My therapist is awesome. I had a knee replacement and went for therapy. He had me back to normal in no time. Doug and Velocity are highly recommended.   -  Matt Totty

    Excellent A++ service, scheduling and treatment.   - Vincent Flores

    Matt Totty & Vincent Flores